Reduce Frustration/Create Results

A parent in one of my recent classes came up with a frequently asked question, “I get frustrated easily at home and at work. My frustration at work carries over to home and vise versa.  How can I change that?

I explained that everyone wants positive results – parent -teacher-spouse-manager, and in some cases they end up with a lot of disappointment and frustration.  Most people start out with good intentions.  If they don’t get the results that they expect they get frustrated.  In a fast moving, high paced world, good intentions are not enough.  Life requires skills and commitment to grow.  Continue reading



“I’m a father having trouble in a few areas of my life especially with success, motivation and communication with my family and at work. I especially want to be a good role model for my children. I’ve heard of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Could this type of training/coaching benefit me?” Continue reading


My friend “John” (a middle aged man) wondered why his co-workers avoided him and why his personal relationships didn’t last.

John is a professional with impressive degrees. He has very little awareness of how he communicates with others. When co-workers try to clarify an issue, he behaves as if the person is attacking him. By taking things personally, he becomes suspicious, defensive and overreacts.

I made him aware enough to change the question he was asking himself from “why people don’t like me?” to “what do I need to do in order to be liked by others?” He looked shocked at first and replied, “it is not my fault, you don’t understand, people just don’t like me.” Continue reading


Ten Ways to Beat Procrastination and Achieve New Year’s Resolutions 

Good Intentions Are Not Good Enough

2010 is here and the opportunity for a new start. How many times have you told yourself ‘This year I am going to start exercising, earn more money, be a better parent, reduce spending, improve effectiveness on the job, quit procrastinating, and achieve some meaningful goals’? You were really fired up at the beginning of January, as the month went on, you lost interest. You said to yourself, ‘I’ll get started in March’. Ultimately, your good intentions fell through the cracks because you got too caught up in doing things that didn’t matter. Does this sound familiar? When it comes to getting results, just good intentions are not enough. What’s missing is a system. How about a no-nonsense action plan that is written and specific?  Continue reading


 Our thoughts have influence over our attitude and behaviors.   We have all heard from time to time “think positive” and “things will look different”.  For some people it is easier said then done. 

Human beings have different styles of interpreting situations, some people make a mistake and learn to do it better or more efficiently the next time around.  While others make a mistake and they are devastated by it.  Continue reading

When the Economy Turns Down

The way to stay visible in tough economic times is to make ones-self more valuable. Develop the skills that would make you resourceful, persistent and positive.

In today’s world people need skills for: leadership, persuasion, motivation, coaching, positive attitude, creativity and innovation. Even the most educated people are discovering that they need to sharpen their skills, in order to take their performance to the next level.

Some people think that they prevent problems by worrying about the future. Others prepare for the future. I have found, in all the years of experience working with people that, worries make people become fearful and then they get more uptight. They think they’re the only one struggling. When we decide to change, not only do we realize that other people have similar issues, we also start to look at the situation differently. Look at the opportunities around us. Continue reading

Self Confidence

Do you need more confidence? How does a lack of confidence affect your life, your decision making, your actions, and therefore, your results?

Is there a box around your life? Frustrations, fears, and disappointments exist within that box, caused by limiting beliefs. Outside that box are confidence, self esteem, happiness and fulfillment that you have been looking for. Success Strategies and Anna Russo will provide the environment for you to get there.

  • Discover the steps that make you confident.
  • Let go of fears and limitations.
  • Recognize and change self-imposed limiting beliefs.
  • Discover how you can see yourself more valuable.
  • Learn how to appreciate who you are.
  • Experience a new confidence level for living a pleasant and productive life.

Continue reading