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Reduce Frustration/Create Results

A parent in one of my recent classes came up with a frequently asked question, “I get frustrated easily at home and at work. My frustration at work carries over to home and vise versa.  How can I change that?

I explained that everyone wants positive results – parent -teacher-spouse-manager, and in some cases they end up with a lot of disappointment and frustration.  Most people start out with good intentions.  If they don’t get the results that they expect they get frustrated.  In a fast moving, high paced world, good intentions are not enough.  Life requires skills and commitment to grow.  Continue reading



My friend “John” (a middle aged man) wondered why his co-workers avoided him and why his personal relationships didn’t last.

John is a professional with impressive degrees. He has very little awareness of how he communicates with others. When co-workers try to clarify an issue, he behaves as if the person is attacking him. By taking things personally, he becomes suspicious, defensive and overreacts.

I made him aware enough to change the question he was asking himself from “why people don’t like me?” to “what do I need to do in order to be liked by others?” He looked shocked at first and replied, “it is not my fault, you don’t understand, people just don’t like me.” Continue reading


 Our thoughts have influence over our attitude and behaviors.   We have all heard from time to time “think positive” and “things will look different”.  For some people it is easier said then done. 

Human beings have different styles of interpreting situations, some people make a mistake and learn to do it better or more efficiently the next time around.  While others make a mistake and they are devastated by it.  Continue reading

How Well Do You Communicate

Are you frustrated with the results that you are getting?  Would you like to do something about it?  What we do in life is determined by how we communicate with ourselves and others.  In our model of the world, the quality of our life is determined by how we communicate.  What we picture and say to ourselves will determine how we feel.  We have within us all the resources necessary to be successful communicators.

We all produce two forms of communication from which the experience of our lives is generated.

  1. Internal conversations are those things we picture, say and feel within.
  2. External conversations are our words, tonalities, facial expressions, postures, and physical actions.

For many people, if they are talking with someone they disagree with they will shut them out.  They go inside themselves while the other person is talking lookingfor something to come back with.  In turn, they are not hearing the message you are sending.  Not a good strategy in a personal or business relationship.

Continue reading

How to Manage the Stress in This Economy

Are you feeling challenged in today’s market?  Is the job situation and the slowing economy getting the best of you?  Through out our life we have ups and downs.  Sometimes we go through periods or situations that are bizarre to say the least.  When individuals feel that they can’t control what is going on they experience fear, almost panic. Continue reading